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Customer Showcase - Life on a Banjo

Laolu Onabanjo believes a life worth living is one that is done on your own terms and with a dash of style, finesse, and ambition. As a storyteller and blogger, Laolu shares her love of travel, fashion, and mindful living to young people seeking how to navigate the turbulent waters of #adulting on her lifestyle blog, Life On-a-Banjo. Whether Laolu’s making moves working in a consulting firm, modeling, interviewing people, or sharing her adventures on Life On-a-Banjo, each aspect of her professional and personal life exude the ambition that comes with pursuing your dreams with grace and style.

Amy's Ice Creams Spotlight + Birthday Campaign

Bluehost is teaming up with Amy’s Ice Creams to celebrate our 16th birthday with a special “Bluehost Birthday Batter,” ice cream flavor. This sweet treat is a vanilla cake explosion comprised of Mexican Vanilla, white cake, and a pop of blue sprinkles. For each scoop sold, Bluehost is donating $2 to Girls Who Code.

Customer Showcase - DogFit Dallas

When Art Ortiz was mistaken for a dog walker during a stroll with his three dogs in downtown Dallas, he could have never anticipated that this would plant a seed that would grow into his future business, DogFit Dallas. Art wanted to create a business that extended beyond traditional obedience training and give an opportunity for people to connect with their dogs on a deeper level. “DogFit helped me emotionally and financially heal from my divorce and the prior jobs I lost. When you lose everything, you have nowhere to go but up. The dogs saved my life and led me to a new marriage, child and business I’ve grown to love.” Art found his #PerfectPlaceTo run find his purpose and run his business with us. Is it your turn next?

Customer Showcase - The Amber Studio

Photographs represent a frozen moment in time that is laced with memories of the people, places, and events that shape our lives. The Amber Studio captures the beauty of relationships and the magic that ignites when two people celebrate their love through marriage. The vibrant hues of a bouquet, intricate details of a wedding ring, and the subtle gaze of a person in love is photographed by the owner and lead photographer, Amber Knowles.

Why Choose a WordPress Website

Find out why WordPress is such a popular tool for building a website, and why our expert thinks that WordPress is the way to go.

Customer Showcase - Mana Culture

Bluehost customer Mana Culture blends the holistic elements of nature with delicate details that showcases bold colors and raw stones. This bohemian gem was created in 2009 after co-founder Jahnavi Jasmine used her love of culture and nature to cultivate a jewelry business that has continued to expand in Austin, Texas. Jahnavi was influenced by her lifelong travels to countries like Asia, Malaysia, and Hawaii to create a line of jewelry evocative of energy and serenity. Jahnavi + Mana Culture found their Perfect Place to Get Discovered through Bluehost + WordPress.

Customer Showcase - Neena Buxani

Neena Buxani spent her childhood painting and had a lifelong dream to be a professional artist that came to fruition in 2014. She submitted her work in a jewelry competition and started entering in local shows which transformed her part-time job into a full-time career. Fast forward to today, Neena successfully showcases and sells her art through her website, powered by Bluehost + WordPress. Neena found her Perfect Place to Create, now it's your turn.

Learning WordPress with Bluehost

Everything you need to know about WordPress

Blogger Tips

Listen in as Bluehost Content Manager, Machielle Thomas, takes you through 5 quicks tips for blogging.

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